Pawsitive Connections  

Wellness Solutions for People & Animals 

Jennifer Dawson is a multi-disciplinary energetic therapist and animal intuitive.  She assists people who are looking for alternative healing for themselves or their animal loved ones. She offers an integrative approach to wellness that addresses the full range of physical, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that can affect a person or an animal.  Her Services can be used by those with OR without an animal companion. 

  • Are you looking for pain relief?  Do you need to detox from stress and everyday life?   Have you tried everything but nothing is giving you the results you want?  Do you suffer from migraines, skin afflictions or digestive issues?   

  • Do you have an aging pet that you want to support naturally?  Does your pet have mobility issues?  Do you want to understand your pets behavior?  Are you concerned about your pets health?  

Whatever you have answered yes too; Jennifer can help!

I had a QEST4 Biofeedback session and all I can say is WOW!! Everyone should have this done. Take your health into your own hands; with this QEST4 session you won't be disappointed!

Santana F. 

Jenn is amazing! I highly recommend both the reiki and communication. She has been seeing my dog for some behavior issues and general wellbeing. I have never felt so close to my dog, our relationship has deepened so much. I have a better understanding of what she needs. She now listens to me on our walks and has improved her barking issues. She is calmer and much happier. All animals need more people like Jenn!

Michelle B.

Unsure where to start or have questions?  Book a free 30 minute discovery consultation!